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Electrical Lockout

Electrical Lockout Devices

An electrical energy source is particularly hazardous to deal with if it is not working properly. For that reason, it’s important to isolate it and prevent it from being operated except by an authorised and qualified electrical engineer in your work place. Having the right lockout products will help avoid electrical accidents whether you’re working with industrial high voltage or low voltage applications.

Here at Work Safety Solutions, our electrical lockout products are specifically designed to help you properly shut down or isolate an electrical system. Our range of lockout products include circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers (MCB), push-button lockouts, rotary lockouts, wall switch lock-outs, plugs and many more electrical lock out devices. With your machinery suitably locked off, you can be confident that you and your colleagues are not at risk.

Making sure that your workers have the correct safety equipment to carry out lock-out tag-out procedures will help your workplace comply with Health and Safety at Work regulations, Electricity at Work regulations and other international regulation bodies such as the OSHA.

If you can’t find the specific type of electrical lock-out equipment that you are after, please do get in touch.