Electrical Lockout Devices for Isolating Hazardous Energy Sources

Electrical Lockout

Electrical Lockout Kits & Devices

Whenever an item of industrial equipment is due for repair or maintenance, it should be made safe – mechanically and electrically - for the protection of engineers and other staff.  This is achieved by isolating power systems such as the mains electrical supply, pneumatic valves, and so on.

Work Safety Solutions have developed a range of Industrial Lock Out Kits which include all the hardware needed to prevent a particular type of machine from being activated.  Depending on which lock out kit you choose, these will include circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker lockouts, cable lockouts, valve lockouts, and lockout padlocks.  Consumables such as lock-out tags are also supplied, and replacements can be ordered here.  When ordering your loto kit, please give careful consideration to the different keying alternatives available (keyed differently, keyed alike or master keyed), and select the option which is best suited to your application.

There are various pieces of legislation in place which relate to machinery and energy sources in the workplace.  Work Safety Solutions Electrical Lock Out Kits and Mechanical Lock Out Kits have been carefully designed to protect your workforce and allow you to fulfil your responsibilities under Health and Safety At Work, Electricity At Work, and other regulations.  They also comply with American OSHA standards.

Some of these products are designed to make equipment safe following a breakdown or malfunction.  Others are specifically Maintenance Lockout Kits, for use during routine servicing.  If you need any further information on any of these items, or can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.