Lock Out Kits for Mechanical and Electrical Isolation Available

Lockout Kits

When an energy source in your workplace needs servicing or repairing, you should be looking to isolate it and prevent it from being switched on or operated. This can be difficult for specific energy sources such as those involving electrical equipment and valves.

Here at Work Safety Solutions, we have developed a selection of lock out kits designed for all types of industrial applications, with all the electrical and valve lock-off padlocks and devices you need to keep your machinery safely isolated. Our range of lock-off devices includes valve lock outs, circuit breaker lockouts, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and cable lockouts, along with the correct safety padlocks. Our lock out kits can be keyed differently, keyed alike or master keyed, and we can also provide the correct lock-out tags for the type of isolation required.

Having the correct lock out kit will make sure that workers have the appropriate safety equipment to carry out lock-out tag-out (LOTO) procedures in compliance with Health and Safety at Work regulations, Electricity at Work regulations and other regulation bodies including the USA’s OSHA.

If there is a specific type of lock out kit that you are looking for that you can’t find on this page, please do let us know.


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