Lockout Tags – Signs to Warn and Inform of Potential Dangers

Lockout Tags

No matter what type of industry your company is a part of, ensuring the security of your machines, your employees and work-space environments is paramount when ensuring the safety of any manufacturing work taking place. Here at Work Safety Solutions, we want to supply you with products which give peace of mind and security. So, regardless of the types of equipment you use in your working environment, our Lockout Safety Tags are the perfect solution to provide colleagues with pertinent information and warnings relating to equipment lockouts when they are going through servicing or maintenance.

Ensuring your colleagues or staff are aware of specific lockout protocols and information is paramount to any servicing or maintenance work undertaken on industrial equipment. We supply Lockout Safety Tags that can convey this information in a variety of different ways, be that simple tags or tags with areas to provide more detailed information. When doing servicing and maintenance, you want to display a clear, eye-catching warning that the machine in question should not be operated whilst the work is underway. The tags we supply come in a variety of materials, such as Tyvek, which provides a greater resistance to tearing, chemicals and humidity than paper does; self-laminating tags are also a popular choice. Depending on your preference, we have the tags that can endure specific working environments or locations.

We supply re-usable Safety Tags, which contain only the pertinent information, so you can place the tags where necessary, remove them and have them immediately ready for future use. We also supply disposable Safety Tags, so you can complete them for a specific job, date, location and supervisor in charge before they are disposed of after upon completion. We supply our products small quantities, like packs of 6, or in larger bulk quantities, such as rolls of 100 tags. Perhaps you’re looking for permanent tag holders for frequently used areas in your workspace, or maybe you just want a supply of pens and cleaning wipes, so you can complete the Lockout Tags every time you need to. Whatever Lockout Tags or Safety Tag accessories you want to buy, you don’t need to look any further than Work Safety Solutions.


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