Abus Brass T84 40

Padlock Features: 

This padlock is ideal electrical safety lock-off where sparks caused from a steel shackle could be dangerous.

The brass shackle has been tested to be safe when used in the vicinity of petroleum and other flammable liquids and gases.

Ideal situations include all vehicles, trailers, containers and boats which are subject to sea/salt water.

  • The precision 5 pin tumbler with self-locking mechanism make the padlock highly secure against picking, while the hardened steel shackle and double bolted case help protect the lock from force attacks.

  • Anti-spark non ferrous shackles

  • Rustfree “Marine Grade”

  • 6 colours available: (Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow)

  • Keyed Alike and Keyed Different options available

  • Overall height: 59 mm    Overall width: 43 mm   Overall depth: 17 mm 

  • Made in Germany


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