Industrial Marker Pens For A Range Of Industrial Situations


industrial Marking Pens

The Pica markers product range includes high quality markers designed for a diversity of uses and applications in the following categories:
Pica Gel -  Marks both on glossy and rough materials, no matter if, dry or wet - rusty or oily, bright or dark, hot or freezing cold.
Pica INK -  Marker for deep, hard to reach holes with stainless steel telescope nib and permanent ink.
Pica Dry -  Marks and writes on all materials and surfaces - also on dusty, rough,oily, wet, and dark surfaces.
Pica Pocket-  A holster for use with almost any shape of carpenters pencil as short as 2in. Clipped to a pocket or tool belt, it stays put as you withdraw your pencil                                                                  


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