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Increase Your Workplace Safety with Our Lockout Kits

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Are you searching for quality Lockout Kits for your business? In this era where Health and Safety policies are so important, you need to ensure that your personnel are safe when working with machinery and other equipment.  Work Safety Solutions are Lockout Tagout specialists and we can provide a safety solution for your business. If you require multiple safety devices, it might be more cost-effective to purchase one of our Lockout Kits. These come with a comprehensive selection of Lockout products.

Correct Working Procedures

Why should you seriously consider purchasing Lockout Kits? Carrying out maintenance procedures can be very dangerous. If you equip your workers with Lockout Kits, you can help them to work safely in line with Health and Safety principles and meet other industry regulations. How many injuries and accidents occur because of people accidentally using faulty machinery? These sad incidences are mostly preventable and can reflect poorly on your company. As an employer, you can help to keep your equipment in good working order and your employees safe by using Lockout Kits. All our products are affordable and represent excellent overall value. What exactly can we offer you?

Electrical Lockout Starter Kit - WSKITO3

Why not consider this excellent entry level kit? The Electrical Lockout Starter Kit is an extremely affordable option and contains what you need to work safely. What’s inside this kit? It has one work safety storage pouch so that all the items can be kept together securely. The ever popular Masterlock Circuit Breaker Lockout is suitable for virtually any circuit breaker. It also contains one Master Lock Safety Padlock which is non-sparking and non-magnetic for obvious safety reasons. Lastly, it has a Masterlock Non-conductive Nylon Lock Out Hasp and a Masterlock “Do Not Operate” Safety Tag & Cable Tie. How much is this super starter kit? You can purchase it for £32.39 including VAT which is superb value. But what if you require a more comprehensive Lockout Kit?

General Maintenance Kit

This generous General Maintenance Kit is perfect for larger applications. It comes with three Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Toggles of different widths and two Grip Tight™ Circuit Breaker Lockout Toggles. What about the padlocks themselves? This kit has two keyed alike padlocks and a 1.83m Adjustable Lockout Cable. A Nylon Lockout Hasp is also included inside, along with two Reusable Guardian Extreme Tags. All these high-quality lockout products can fit into the compact pouch with Velcro strap, for your convenience.  It’s amazing to think that all this is only £98.00 including VAT. We have over 30 products in this range including toolboxes, pouches, carry cases, valve and electrical organisers, and so on.

Although there is a measure of danger when working on work equipment and machinery, you can reduce any risks dramatically by taking advantage of our Lockout kits. Whatever products you choose, you will receive high-quality kits to benefit you and your company.

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