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When Must a Lockout/Tagout Device Be Used?

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When Must a Lockout/Tagout Device Be Used?


• When service or maintenance is being  performed on or around any machine where  injury could  result  from unexpected start-up or the release of stored energy

• When new equipment or machinery is being  installed       

• When a guard or other  safety  device  must  be bypassed or removed

• When an employee must  place any part of his body  where  it could  be caught by moving  machinery


Circuit Breaker Lockout  – Designed to he lock out most  major  brands of  breakers. The goal of this product is to isolate  a given breaker in a circuit breaker panel so that the entire  breaker box does not need to be locked out.


Valve Lockouts – Designed to prevent fluid or gas valves from being  opened while repair  or maintenance is occurring. This could  involve ball valves  (handle you turn 90° to shut  off) or gate  valves  (round knob).  Ball valve lockouts are measured by the length  of the handle. Gate  valve lockouts are measured by the diameter of the knob.


Plug  Lockout  – Assists  in locking  out any electrical  plug up to certain  diameters


Electrical/Pneumatic Plug – This multipurpose device  can  lock out electrical cords and  male  air hose connectors


Wall Switch  Lockout  – Prevents workers  from tampering with switches or accidental startup of equipment. Switch can  be locked in the on or off position.


Adjustable Cable  Lockout  – Comes with a cable that allows for locking out a wide variety of electrical  or valve lockouts and  accommodates multiple padlocks


Hasp  – Allows more  than  one  worker to put their padlock on an energy control device  when  more  than  one  worker is performing maintenance on a given piece of equipment


Group Lock Box or Gang B Commonly used to lock out a very large  pieces of equipment that have multiple work functions affecting the maintenance of the equipment. The box Allows for each lockout point to be secured with one designated lock.

The accompany keys are then placed in the box. Each employee locks just one personal safety lock onto the box. The captured keys cannot be removed, or the equipment re-energized until all have removed their locks from the box.


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