Electrical & Valve Lockout Kit - WSKIT02


Electrical & Valve Lockout Kit

£109.00 (exc. VAT)

£130.80 (inc. VAT)


Work Safe Electrical Lockout Kit CODEWSKIT02

1 x Work Safety 3 Compartment Pouch Red

2 x Abus Red Safety Padlock T74

5 x Work Safety “Do Not Operate” Safety Tags and Cable Ties

1 x Work Safety Dual Lockout Hasp

1 x Work Safety Adjustable Gate Valve Fits Valves from 2.5cm to 16.5cm diameter

1 x Masterlock S2390 Circuit Breaker for standard toggle

1 x Masterlock S2391 Circuit Breaker for large toggle

1 x Masterlock S2393 Universal Circuit Breaker

1 x Masterlock 491B Grip Tight Lockout for Standard Size Breaker Toggles

1 x Masterlock 493B Grip Tight Lockout for Wide or Tall Breaker Toggles

1 x Work Safety Universal Multipurpose Cable Valve with 2mtr cable





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