Self-adhesive Information Frame Safety A4 4944


The self-adhesive, twin coloured info frame is the ideal solution for displaying safety signs in A4 format on solid and smooth surfaces. The inserts can be quickly exchanged thanks to the magnetic fold-back frame. When applied to glass, the information can be read from both sides and will leave no residue when removed. Perfect for displaying safety signs such as wet floor, no smoking etc. in production areas and offices.

2 Pack

  • Red and White
  • Yellow and Black
  • Green and White
£19.50 (exc. VAT)

£23.40 (inc. VAT)

Present information in a premium and professional way

• Quick insertion and exchange of documents via a fold-back magnetic frame

• Easy to attach to smooth, solid surfaces and can be removed from glass

Areas of application: Safety and warning information e.g. Yellow/Black: Warnings & Hazards, Green/White: First Aid & Fire Escapes, Red/White: Fire Safety & Danger

• Frame colour complies with ISO 3864-4 for safety colours

• When applied to glass, information can be read from both sides

• Frame looks identical from both sides

• Can be used in both portrait and landscape formats


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