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Asset Management

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Asset Management

Work Safety Solutions New range of Tag It safety tag systems clearly display the latest status of inspection and maintenance on all manner of equipment to show conformance to safe standards and clearance for use. Suitable for a wide range of equipment including scaffolding, ladders, machine tools and forklifts to name a few, we also offer mini tags for use with portable electric equipment,


Tag It safety tag products are available in small, medium, large and with a claw fixing for use on scaffolding or where it can be hung. Other typical applications include ladders, forklifts, machinery and other equipment. Safety tag systems provide clear, effective identification of the inspection history and equipment status and whether it is safe to use.

small steps and stools.

Product Features

Tag It safety tag holders are manufactured from reinforced Nylon and are resistant to moisture, extremes of temperature and oils. Tag It systems are supplied with a number of tags made of flexible, polyester that is waterproof and also resistant to many commonly used chemicals. The matt surface of the tags enable the use of ball point or felt tip pens which cannot be erased. Tags are also available to purchase separately.


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