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Electrical Lockout Kit Masterlock S2394

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The new Work Safe Electrical Lockout Kit CODE WSKIT03

Contains the Popular Masterlock S2394 Circuit Breaker lock out that fits virtually all Circuit Breakers


Ideal for Electricians and electrical contractors who need to isolate electrical circuit breakers

The Lock Off Kit Contents:

1 x Work Safety Storage Lock Out Pouch 

1 x Masterlock 406 Safety Lock Out Padlock - all components are non-sparking & non Magnetic

1 x Work Safety “Do Not Operate” Safety Lock Out  Tag & Cable Tie - Durable Tag that resists   water, grease and extreme temperatures

1 x Masterlock Non-conductive Nylon Lock Out Hasp - Spark Proof

1 x Masterlock S2394 Circuit Breaker lockout -  Fits virtually all Circuit breakers


Only £26.99



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