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All About Our Group Lockout Boxes

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Here at Work Safety Solutions, we specialise in lockout equipment, specifically lockout-tagout products to create a safer work environment. Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on our group lockout boxes, which are used to capture keys for effective lockout of a range of equipment.

What is a Group Lockout Box?

A group lockout box is a system that enables the user to completely shut down pieces of equipment, for example, when being serviced for inspections, maintenance or repairs. The group lockout box securely stores keys or other activation devices to make certain that power sources and equipment won’t reactivate whilst in the lockout mode. The group element enables multiple workers to use different keys to single and multiple lockout devices. 

How Does a Group Lockout Box Work?

Secure each lockout point on a piece of equipment, keys are then placed in the group lockout box, followed by the placement of each individual’s own personal lock on the box. Once each worker has completed the specific job associated with that lock, they can remove their personal lock. At the point when all the locks have been removed, the supervisor or person in charge is able to verify that all the staff are free from any risk of danger prior to reactivating any power supplies or equipment.

Why is a Group Lockout Box Important?

Power sources and machines can be very dangerous if they are active whilst someone is working on them, whether for general maintenance or repair jobs. A lockout system is necessary to keep all workers safe from harm. These group lockout boxes can also be used in conjunction with highly visible warning tags to convey a message about the lockout procedure. These document the time, date and contact information specific to each device that is being locked out with the group lockout box. Examples of such tag messages might include the following: ‘danger – do not operate’ or ‘do not start’. This adds an extra safety element to the system.

Lockout Boxes at Work Safety Solutions

Here at Work Safety Solutions, we have a selection of 18 different products in our lockout box category. They come in either a bright red or bright yellow colour, or more neutral green-grey colour. Lockout boxes come as boxes or cabinets, and can even be mounted on the wall with a special bracket. Connected to this, we also provide portable lockout stations, storage solutions, display cases and control boards. Whatever group lockout system you’re looking for, we’re sure to have something that suits your requirements, ensuring that your company is working in the safest way possible, giving confidence in your staff and your company as a whole.

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