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Everything you need to know about our electrical lockout kits

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When working with electrical equipment and circuit kits, there is always a risk of fire, electrical hazards and electrical faults. At Work Safety Solutions, we offer a range of electrical lockout products to ensure you operate as safely as possible when these risks do arise, and to keep unwanted personnel or passers-by away. This is crucial to ensuring that accidents such as electrocution caused by the electricity being turned on during maintenance repairs are minimised. Today, we will look at the range of electrical lockout kits we offer for this reason.

What are electrical lock out kits?

Lock out products for electrical contractors are a safe and secure way of ensuring the electrical equipment and live electrical boxes are only accessible by those who really need it. This may be at a time where contact could result in highly dangerous consequences, or simply on a day-to-day basis where only trained and knowledgeable professionals should be able to access them.

What do we offer?

Our Work Safety Solutions website hosts a variety of different electrical safety lock out tools. For instance, we stock a variety of circuit breaker lockout equipment. These work by turning off the power at the circuit breaker, and locking it in place. This allows one to work on the electrical circuit safely, knowing that no one else is able to turn the power back on while they are making contact with otherwise live electrical wires. This greatly reduces the risk of electrocution and ensures your workplace or commercial space has greater health and safety standards. These circuit breaker lockouts are available in chemical resistant materials that are able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather environments, making them an extremely hardy and durable choice of electrical lockout.

The circuit breaker lockout is merely one example amongst our diverse range of lock out tag out electrical panel kits. These kits include all the equipment you need to ensure any faulty electrical equipment or fuse boxes are secured, such as padlocks, tags, lockout cleats, circuit breakers, and other necessary equipment all made from strong, sturdy and non-conductive materials. They also include warning labels to properly demarcate the areas your employees, staff and anyone else on the premises should keep away from. These kits available for a number of different workplaces; we offer small kits that are suitable for small businesses, and large electrical lockouts and electrical lockout kits that contain equipment more often used by larger workforces and buildings.

Alternatively, perhaps you prefer a more traditional form of electrical safety lockout – the keyed padlocks are an excellent choice for this, with their clearly labelled ‘Danger – Locked Out – Do Not Remove’ sticker. Whatever your preference or requirements, our extensive range of electrical safety equipment is sure to have something for you.

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